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Dream Girl
[TRANS] MINHO Thanks To : Misconception Of Me

[Minho Chapter 2 Thanks To] At first, (I’m) very scared of the continuity of saddening issues. The more (I) want to resolve it, the worse it will become. After experiencing some stuff like this, since youmgngI started to think “Will my worries aggravate?”. A hole caused by such thinking and through such flaws, will I look upon myself and become wiser? (I am) currently 23 years old, till now the things that I have received and have shown are still insufficient, but I am looking forward to being able to discard the pain for me caused by you, or for you caused by me, and work hard to lead a happier life. Always thankful……..

Kr and Kr-Chi source: Mr Minho
Kr/Chi-Eng trans by: laetitia_aw

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